Friday, 27 August 2010

Review of last Sunday - an even damper squib of a day out than the last weekend

Well following my previous Saturday night out, explained in my last post, when I was disappointed not to see Maria, I was had hopes I would see her at another social, this one arranged for last Sunday (22nd August).

The social planned was first of all a walk, then a trip to pub in view of a local airshow, and then back to one of the member's houses for a barbecue. I was unsure during the week whether or not to go. Basically I was keen to go if Maria was there but if she wasn't going to be it wsn't worth it. There was no one else I especially wanted to socialise with, although they're all nice people, and it wasn't particularly good timing for me. In the end I decided that I would book my place on Friday night, and decide just to meet up at the pub and not do the walk in the morning as it wasn't a convienient time for me. I wanted to know if Maria would be there, as she has a tendency to change her mind a bit, so I gave her just a casual text on Saturday night at 9:00pm to ask if she'd be there. She replied at around 11:00am the next day to say she'd be at the pub around 4:00pm. So it sounded like she was doing the same as me and meeting at others at the pub.

Well I decided I would try to get to pub by about 3:00pm in any case so I got the train and walked with a map trying to find the place. Once I found the place at 3:00pm I saw no-one was there. I then texted Steve, who was organising the event to ask where they were, and it turned out they had already gone off for the barbecue. My goodness that's quick a thought! I've naturally always been a punctual person (except when it involves getting up early) and I'm used to having to adjust to other people's lateness - now it seems the tables have turned!

And this put me in a dilemma. Should I reply to Steve and ask for the address or should I just go home? My decision would depend on one person - you've guessed it, Maria. Well at least it gave me a genuine excuse to text Maria again. After all she said she would arrive at the pub at 4:00pm, and if she did she would be stuck on her own too. So I just texted to say "Hi, don't know if you're with the crowd but they've gone off for the bbq ..." just to inform her. Well I think my dilemma was over when she replied that she was "stuck in" another area close by. Sounded a bit odd to me. The neighbouring town she was 'stuck in' is a small, industrial area to my knowledge, there wouldn't have been much traffic around the area, lor any attractions on a wet Sunday afternoon as far as I could see. Anyway, it was something of a relief to find out about her whereabouts, and it meant that for me it was time to go home.

It was a real damp squib of an afternoon. The weather was cloudy with intermittent rain but very warm and humid. Fortunatly I was able to see another friend later in the evening, so it made a nice end to what had been a very unsettling weekend.

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