Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Reflections from School: When the Teacher Observes You Doing Poorly

Throughout my schooling I remained in mainstream education, often with extra help from support assistants in lessons. I realised at one point, when I was around 14 or 15, that I found it quite stressful when the teacher would walk around the class observing everyone donig their work, if I felt I was struggling with the work or doing badly.

If my work wasn't going to be too good, I would rather the teacher would only see it after the lesson, when I was elsewhere, so I did not have to deal with their reaction to my work. Witnessing someone's reaction to something you've done badly is stressfull because it somehow requires a responce from you (when it is not a positive situation to respond to). Whereas if the teacher doesn't see your until after the lesson, you don't have to face the teacher's reaction if the work is sub-standard. That way if it's bad enough for the teacher to want to talk with you about it, they will at least have got over their initial reaction and be able to discuss it with you in a more composed way, and they will see all your work before you face their reaction, not just a part of it.

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