Monday, 5 July 2010

Report on an Organised Social on Thursday Night

Last week I went to an social on Thursday night. It was not a brilliant night but had a few redeeming elements to it. It was in a small, rather cramped pub. It had a poor start as when I was on my way looking for the place, I first saw Lucy outside chatting on her mobile, a girl I know who regularly goes to organised socials and has been quite friendly with me in the past. I initially went in and couldn't find anyone I knew so I waited outside for a few minutes till Lucy ended her call and went in. I was a little worried by Lucy's reaction to me when I tried to say "Hi" she asid "Are you following me around?" For some reason she seems to taken a dislike to me, as whenever I tried to chat to her later on she was polite enough but I got the feeling that she didn't really want to chat to me. I was also a little disppointed that the host of the event, Steve, didn't really say hello properly when I entered. I was quite early, only a few turned up before me but the others arrived soon after. But anyway, I found a seat near the corner (not isolated) and an older lady, Marian who I'd never met before arrived and we started chatting.

Having felt rather tense at these things in the past, I tried to relax, not to have too high hopes and be content in whatever situation I was in. I had a fairly good chat with Marian for 10 minutes or so. However once, a few others arrived, including Robert, whom when I had met previously I felt we didn't really get on (he had taken a strong objection to my views on a certain subject and was rather forceful), the conversation turned towards things I couldn't follow, in fact I couldn't even hear too well. Hence (and I did genuinely need it) off to the toilet.

Then once back I joined another table where Lucy and a few others were sitting. I wanted to try chatting to Lucy again. However someone else called Lucy and she went towards the other side, and I was in fact left on my own, so thought "shall I move again?" and decided I would move back closer to where I was before.

Now the next bit I cannot remember too well. But there was one lady at the other side of the room who I had seen before and was keen to chat with (she was quite attractive, and I love to mix and mingle with attractive girls) and found that the seats opposite her were vacant. I didn't want to move chairs at a wrong time, looking like a lost man, but succesfully managed to keep an eye out and plan to move to the vacant seat at the right time and we actually had quite a good chat. She and her friends decided to get another drink and move outside (it was getting very warm indoors) though I am quite sure that this was nothing to do with me, as many were moving outside at this point. That was no priblem with me, I'd said enough for now.

It made total sense for me to move out to the beer garden at that point. And I sat on a table with Lucy and Ryan. Now I was pleasantly suprised about Ryan, as when I'd met him before he seemed like an odd guy, very dry and little rude. But he seemed much more pleasant this time. I noticed how Lucy, whom I mentioned earlier, this time had her head tilted more towads Ryan than me. I little disppointing but in retrospect Lucy and I have nothing much in common, and she's probably figured that out now.

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