Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sometimes Hesitation can be Mistaken for Rudeness

Today as I walked into my block of flats coming home from work, two of the other residents (I think) were chatting. I hardly know my neighbours, in my block we don't get to bump into each other much at all. 

Now I have moments when my mind pauses for some reason, and this time I couldn't quite think of the word to excuse myself wakling through, or think to say "thank you." One of the people muttered after I'd gone through "doesn't say thankyou etc. "As I was going up the stairs after I heard that I asked, "sorry what did you" say, and she said it was that I didn't say thank you.

I apologied and explained to her that my mind was pausing, I couldn't quite think of the word, and asked her that she doesn't mistake my mind pausing and not quite thinking of the word for rudeness. She said OK.

Sometime Asperger's people may appear rude when they don't mean to be. It's just that their mind genuinely pauses and they having to take longer to think to say "excuse me" or "thank you" on a given occasion.

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