Saturday, 22 January 2011

Demonstrating My Personality - An Exciting Night Ahead!

I was meaning to do a post on here last week but I just ended up being caught up with other things and putting it off, one day after another. Blogging regularly is cetrainly a discipline!

Tonight, in a few hours I have one of the most exciting social occassions on for a long time, although I am also rather nervous. I am going to my first organised social tonight for, in effect, six months. It is a big monster mingle with 100+ guests. However the difference being is that this time guests are allowed to bring along a friend, and I have one very good friend coming along with me. The timing seems to be perfect.

I was thinking the other week, the reason why I like a good night out is that they can, in the right circumstances, give me an opportunity to demonstrate aspects of my personality that otherwise tend to lay dorment. I have discovered that the people who I am most attracted to socially are those who interact with you in such a way that enables you to bring out other aspects of your personality for which there are limited opportunities to demonstrate, perhaps including elements thatb you didn't realise existed!

Preparing for the Night

With such an exciting occassion, I have been today doing my perparatory homework, brainstorming things I could say to people, questions and conversation topic. I have jotted down a list of things I could ask people, especially attractive girls, i.e. holidays, what did you do new years eve etc. I have also re-read the notes I took at a meeting I went to in the Summer about talking to women (see earlier post) and taken a note of these and hopefully applying them. And I have also considered what difficulties may arise in the evening and have tried to prepare for them, i.e. awkwward questions for which the answer may open up a whole new can of worms.

Going with my friend is a novality for me. In one sense it definitely makes it more relaxed, as this friend understands me totally and appreciates me for who I am. What I'm looking forward to most is being able to introduce my friend to other people I know at the event, and finding out what he thinks of them. That will be very interesting. However it also makes me nervous, because I am having to juggle mingling with a loads of lesser-known people with interacting with him, which can be stressful. But I do feel more confident these days, and hopefully if the dynamics go ni my favour, it will be a fantastic night.

There should be many attractive girls there. I am not going out this night for the purposes of finding a girlfriend, but I definitely am looking forward to mixing and mingling with girls and I'm prepared to experiment a bit in my conversations. I have learnt over recent years that the people who come out with off the wall comments and say what they think of you in a nice way are the ones that get on well socially, as opposed to those that always play safe. I hope to experiment a bit tonight and be bold and confident.

I am nervous right now, but this is one social occassion I definitely cannot wait for!

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