Saturday, 8 January 2011

She's Back on the Scene?

Well tonght my friend Maria along with her best friend from the organised socials are going out to such an event, for the first time since the Summer. While I was quite excited to discover this on the website, it has not tempted me to go back this time. The reason is partly because I am slightly nervous about meeting her again, having e-mailed her a personalised Christmas card, wondering what she's thinking, although I still very much want to see her again just as much. More to the point, in going along tonight there is a danger she might think the reason why I am out is because of her and she might become suspicious of me - a low risk perhaps, but real nonetheless.

However with it looking likely that she's coming back on the scene for a while I may well go to another organised social sooner than I wood have done otherwise, there's a big one in two weeks time I might go to. If she sees me again at her second or third organised social in this season, I think it will be much less likely that she will think I'm following after her and the 'co-incidence' of us both rejoining at similar times will seem more plausable, especially as it seems that January is when a lot of new member come upon board. Fingers crossed!

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