Saturday, 1 January 2011

Social hopes for 2011: Finding a viable means to meet single girls

I have many hopes for 2011. Besides social ambitions my hopes include a change of career, into something that suits me better, and to continue to do some freelance writing that I have started on another website this year, which is totally unrelated to anything I put out on this blog. I also hope to continue with this blog, now it seems like I've successfully ironed out any technical issues I've had in terms of getting it to look how I want.

However my social hopes and ambitions in 2011 are as follows: I would like to find a girlfriend this year, but perhaps more importantly than finding 'the one' is that I really want to be able to meet more young, single women in their 20s and have a viable means of doing that. I really want to get into the type of social life whereby I am able to meet or introduce myself to new and different single girls more regularly, and be able to go on a few dates, as if going on a date is no big deal. I am sure there are girls who would happily date me and like me for who I am, and I'm certain they'll be girls who would happily be in  relationship with me.

The frustrating thing is that I can walk into the town centre every weekend and see many attractive girls around, shopping etc. However when it comes to places where I can more easily meet new people, the young single girls aren't there. I'm turning 29 this year and it may sound silly but I feel I'm getting old, not really old but I worry if I'm going to start to look too old for a 20-25 year old to be interested in me in a few years time, and I really want a girl who is fresh as such, no previous marriage, no kids, because otherwise I feel I have missed the best of her and I don't want my late social development to mean that I have to miss out on the best of a girl in that sense. Ideally I would like to meet a girl who is say five to ten years younger than me and at her peak physically when we meet.

Fortunately in recent months I've been able to discuss these issues openly with a few friends. But I would like to make clear a scenario that I want to avoid. Suppose I get into my 40's, losing hair, greying, getting a few wrinkles, not looking so good as I used to. I see all these veyr attractive 20 something girls around and they would consider me too old. Still not had a girlfriend. People may then say to me in responce "well you've had your chance what have you been doing all these years" even when today they say "oh don't worry you'll find someone' yet not being able to provide a viable means to do so. In the worst case scenario I want to be able to honestly respond to that saying "I tried very hard for years, did everything I could, and still got nowhere." I know there are girls out there who would happily give me a chance but I need to find a way that I can find them, ask them out etc. I don't want to find myself knowing there would be someone suitable for me but not being able to meet them because of not being in a suitable social circle etc.

So my social aim for 2011, whilst I am still young is to get into a social circle where I can meet more single girls, enjoy some good female company, be able to ask them out of dates, and be fully 'in with a dating scene. Achiving that might involve a bit of brainstorming to begin with, but there are signs of hope.


  1. Have you tried online dating?

    It has its challenges and annoyances like any other way to meet women, but once you've got the hang of it, it's a very viable way to get yourself out there and meet single girls.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I have tried online dating for three years, and been on various sites and I get nowhere. I sent loads of messages to girls and hardly ever get a reply and when I do the conversation never goes very far before drying up. The problem I have with online dating is that I to say so much to describe myself and go through so many hoops before meeting anyone. Online dating just isn't working for me.